The planning committee for the Western Maine Recovery Rally recently learned that the Oxford Hills homecoming parade and football game are scheduled for Saturday, September 22–the same date we’d chosen for the rally!!! We decided that it’s best to encourage people to attend homecoming, and to move our rally to be one week later on Saturday the 29th. Everything else will remain the same: start and end time, location, the nature of the event, etc.

How did we miss this before?! We selected the date for the rally months ago, but the date for the homecoming game was just decided in the past few weeks (and it’s a lot earlier in the season than usual). We’ll make it a point to be in touch with the athletic director at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School next year to try and avoid this last-minute complication.

We’ve made the announcement about the date change via our Facebook page and submitted a press release to local media to spread the word. Please help us in getting the word out so that everyone knows the change in date and shows up ready to celebrate recovery on the 29th. You can download this updated flyer for the rally and help out by emailing it to friends, printing it and hanging it up in local businesses, etc. Thanks for your help!