Western Maine Addiction Recovery Initiative

Mollyocket Motel/Crosstone Restaurant

September 6, 2017


6:10 Welcome and Introductions: Nancy, Jessica, Lisa, Tanya, Chris, Jason, Eric, Warren, Dr. Becky, Brendan, Janice, Bill, Bill, Kelly, Ben


6:05 Financial Report: We are spending for the Rally. We are getting donations. We just got a big donation of $3000 from New England Addiction Technology Transfer Agency which has replenished what has been spent.


6:10 Subcommittee Report Outs


Recovery Rally: Brendan and Jessica will be doing an interview on WOXO tomorrow which will air on Friday. Helpful donors for buns, tables, chairs, hamburgers and hotdogs. T-shirts will be ready before the rally. Friday night people will be gathering together to pick up the U-Haul, blowing up balloons, etc, at Common Ground Counseling in Norway. We need to let Aubuchon know when we will get there on Friday.


Media – Ben suggested on the following technique to get the media there. Develop a brief press release (with a subject line: For Immediate Release: Western Maine Recovery Rally to be held on Saturday, September 9) out to all the stations on Friday morning, then in the afternoon have someone call the news station and ask whether they have received it and if they have made the decision to send someone. Getting Wayne Gallant, the sheriff of Oxford County, to make the phone call might help. Erin Place will also be coming to the event. If any station comes to the rally, make sure to get their business card and engage them. On average there is one death by overdose per day at this time in the state of Maine. It would be interesting to know the number of deaths prevented using Narcan. Some information will be available through Maine EMS as well as the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office.


Saturday. People will meet at the UU Church in Norway at 11:00 am. March will begin at 11:30.

Set-up: Meet at Moore Park at 8 am. Nancy is bringing ice from the high school, an ice tray, and her truck.


We have speakers set for the rally. There will also be people here to represent people from our federal delegation to help show the importance of this initiative. We will have butterflies for each death by overdose last year to place around the park. Perhaps use large index cards on a table with positive messages that could be read, or posted on cork board, or used in a newsletter.



Recovery Coach Training: Attention on training has been set aside while we’ve been focused on the recovery rally. The BARN – Bangor Area Recovery Network. They are working on securing a train the trainer workshop in October and November. We are on their list of groups to contact if that happens. It would be cheaper to send our folks there. You still have to be a recovery coach first before participating in train-the-trainer. Question asked whether we have tried to find out if we can find someone to come here to do the training. We have started a conversation about talking with other groups around the state doing the same thing and it would be good if we can share resources. Brendan will keep our group abreast of what he finds out.


Education/MeHAF: Working on some work for a grant. We have decided on a logo for WMARI developed by a designer in Lewiston. We want to teach people about WMARI and invite people to be a part of it, and also inform people about Project Save Me, as a project of WMARI. We will be asking for a horizontal version and a stacked version.



6:40 New, Project Save ME, Website – Resource List


There is a new website: projectsaveme.org. Kelly and Brendan will be maintaining the website. Right now there is information about Project Save Me and the Recovery Rally as well as a resource list. We should put something about 2-1-1 and a link to the state directory. This site wants to focus on local resources.


Visit the website and tell all your friends.


Project Save Me. There have been three calls recently with some positive results. One person in particular is doing well. Transportation is a tough issue for people. Often they do not have licenses. Coming up with a list of volunteers who can provide transportation would be helpful. Oxford County Sheriff said they may be able to help with transportation for some things.


John Wilsey – 207-377-2801, Teen Challenge Admissions counselor. They want to share the phone number in case there are people who need admission into their treatment program.



7:00 Spotlight: Recovery Rally



7:40 Adjourn


Next Meeting: October 4th, 6:00 – 7:30 pm, Mollyockett Motel