Western Maine Addiction Recovery Initiative

Mollyockett Motel

June 7th, 2017

6:10 Welcome and Introductions: Travis D., Bill, Bill Wood, Brendan S., Jim D., Wayne G., Becky C., Jason M., Jen S., Matt B.


6:05 Financial Report: $3,246.98 balance


6:10 Subcommittee Report Outs

  • Recovery Coach committee
    • Father Bill talked with Dan Mahoney (who runs sober houses in Southern Maine) about a Recovery Coach training being held in N.H. This could be a lower cost option for training trainers. Need to look into this to find out more details. Bill will pass info along as soon as he receives it.
    • Calls to Recovery Coaches aren’t being answered. Committee needs to take this up. New numbers need to be typed out and distributed to police departments and E.D.’s (needs to include Pastor Tony Ray and Jess Dufour needs to be removed).
    • What happens if a Recovery Coach relapses? Wasn’t covered in the training and it would be good for the committee to talk about this and come up with some guidelines for things like this.
  • Recovery Rally
    • Brendan, Jen and Andy were only attendees at last meeting
    • Rally scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 9, 11:00 start at UU Church in Norway, walk to Moore Park in South Paris.
    • Save-The-Date needs to be put out on the website (although we’re waiting on UU Church to confirm that we can use their space) and Brendan needs to send a press release he’s prepared.
    • Andy has agreed to be the emcee.
    • Paris Fire Hall reserved as space for rain date. Paris donated use of Moore Park, police department has keys to the power box so we should be all set for electricity.
    • Considering these speakers: Matt, Andrew K., young lady in recovery who recently relapsed (if she can stay in recovery until September), the mother who spoke last year.
    • Considering visual to memorialize the 386 people who overdosed last year. Could do roll call of names of people who were lost.
    • Daddy-O’s willing to do another fundraiser meal (perhaps in August), but owner wants to meet with WMARI folks to know what we’re about. Jen and Dr. Becky will find a date to meet with owner.
    • Travis will follow up with OH Rotary contact about presenting to them and seeking support for rally. Dr. Becky will follow up with Kiwanis contacts. Brendan will follow up with Sarah Glynn about these.
    • Slogan for banners: “Recovery saves lives.”
    • Paris PD will provide escort. Matt following up with Norway PD about providing an escort. Sheriffs Dept will be backup if Norway can’t provide escort.
    • SAMHS put packet out to support Recovery Month events. Brendan will look for this packet so it can help with planning.
    • Need to find a coordinator for the Recovery Rally. Funded through MeHAF at $20 for 75 hours (total of $1500). Person needs to be able to handle logistics and have people skills.


  • Education/MeHAF
    • Hasn’t met yet. Brendan working to find date to catch people up on MeHAF workplan, has begun sending biweekly emails to committee to keep everyone up to speed on grant deliverables, budget spend-down, etc.


6:40 New, Project Save ME & Other Updates

Matt spoke to CIT trainees on SUD in Machias last week. SUD is also being included in the police academy training.


7:00 Spotlight: Funding Opportunities

  • Jim shared info about a grant to support children who are receiving out-of-home care due to a parent or caregiver’s substance use, or who are at risk of being placed in an out-of-home situation. Up to $600k for up to 5 years. Due date: July 10th. Seems like a short turnaround for not having a plan in place.
  • Maine Community Foundation can’t help us outside of their grant cycle. Dr. Becky will work on a grant during their next cycle (February?).
  • Brendan reached out to Rumford Hospital to find out if they have a grantmaking body. They don’t.
  • Federal grant to support emergency treatment (e.g., Narcan) for overdoses or suspected overdoses is available. Up to $500k for up to 4 years. Applicant needs to be a government agency. Wayne and Dr. Becky will look into this (Brendan will forward info to them).



  • Many recent overdoses across the county, but all people survived due to Narcan administration by rescue services.
  • Random drug screens from those who report using heroin are coming back as straight fentanyl
    • Definitions of Maine drug laws are being changed to include fentanyl and other additives
  • River Valley Recovery Walk is being held this weekend. 4.7 mile walk through Rumford and Mexico. Being organized by Pastor Tony. Would be good to WMARI rep to attend. Jen will reach out to Tony to make sure he mentions WMARI and Project Save ME.
  • Common Ground added a mental health license a few months ago. Mental health services will remain in their current Norway location, and substance use services will move to a building on Paris St, which will include a recovery center! They’ll need help painting!
  • Discussion about short term (6 months or less) and long term goals
    • Short term
      • Get Recovery Coaches
        • Can we send those who want to be trained
      • Get Recovery Coach trainers trained
      • Pursue Narcan grant
      • Get more PSM business cards
      • Committee to look at strategic planning for 12-24 months
        • Can this be our agenda in October?
      • Long term
        • Sustainable funding
          • Part time staffperson?
        • Establish executive committee
        • Explore non-profit status


7:40 Adjourn

Next Meeting: July 12, 6:00 – 7:30 pm, Mollyockett Motel