Western Maine Addiction Recovery Initiative

Mollyockett Motel

July 12, 2017

6:10 Welcome and Introductions: Becky, Jessica, Jen, Travis, Allie, Bob, Nancy, Chris – Oxford Hills Rotary, Bill, Wayne, Bill W., Michelle, Kelley, Heidi.


6:05 Financial Report:

No change


6:10 Subcommittee Report Outs

Recovery Coach committee: No new developments. Jess got a call from Bridgton Hospital and helped make a connection with Crooked River Counseling. The nurse called because she also works at Stephens and feels that they do such good work. We only have two recovery coaches right now. We wanted to have a call system so that someone is available 24 hours a day, but we need to have more recovery coaches to meet the need before we can set up a call system.

Recovery Rally: The committee is going through the binder to complete the tasks set out each month. Looking for donations, banners, getting quotes for t-shirts. The group meets tomorrow at 2. Last Year: Our families, our stories, our recovery – on back. Never Give Up – on front. We will keep the Never Give Up on front. We have a hash tag #nevergiveup207 and a q code which will bring people right to the Recovery Rally page. September 9th. Front: Strengthening Families and Communities, Western Maine Addiction Recovery 2017, #nevergiveup207. Try Girardo’s in Andover and Perfect Stitch & Embroidery. Still waiting on Hot Colors, but Grassroots Graphics is too expensive.

Education/MeHAF: Met for the first time. Talking about how we will be using funds to promote the knowledge of WMARI and reducing stigma. We will make use of connections that we already have with groups such as the police department and hospitals as well as other groups in our community (i.e., Rotary, Chamber, Kiwanis, etc) that might be willing to have WMARI talk with them about what we do. It might be good to reach out just for a quick this is who we are and what we do, and also have various topics that we could come back and present about if groups are interested in having us back.

It might be helpful to reach out to businesses who might then be interested in helping people in recovery.

Idea from Dr. Becky – Video to increase understanding and empathy for those struggling with addiction.



6:40 New, Project Save ME & Other Updates

Grant – Dr. Becky & Wayne

Federal Grant administered through SAMHSA. Dr. Becky and Wayne have been looking at it. Purposes: Train first responders to administer NARCAN, Naloxone, and then to provide treatment resources. The Sheriff’s group is 100% behind this as is Janet Mills. We have statewide support. Money to train recovery coaches. This would be a statewide project, with each sheriff overseeing it in their own county. It will be set up to share resources from county to county. We are sort of a pilot for what can be done statewide. Developing recovery ready communities. Recovery coach trainers available in each county. 2-3 trainers in each county or shared between counties. Reaching out to first responders around the county & state. We’ve been able to lock in a price of $75.00 per dose. There is an incredible amount of work being done – with Becky, Wayne, and Maryann pulling this together. The budget is due by July 27th. Maine Health and the

Asking for letters of commitment. It would be helpful to know what the expectations for a letter of commitment is needed. It is clear that they do not want any “superfluous” letters.

Focus – strengthening the connections between law enforcement, medical community, and the recovery community.

The Catholic Charities is planning to train Deacons as Recovery Coaches and offer some level of training to interested parishioners.

One of Common Ground Clients asked to bring this to WMARI. Client found his brother dead from an overdose on his couch. Police were called and the client had outstanding warrants and was taken from the scene in handcuffs. This was a year and a half ago.

Common Ground – there has been a huge influx of young people very into heroin, and cocaine. Seeing straight Fentanyl. It sometimes take 3-5 doses of NARCAN to have an effect. Addiction is a disease. Public perception is still tough to overcome.

There are some very negative messages out there about addiction. People are talking about this as a conscious decision – so tough to get beyond the guilt and shame to enter treatment. Opioid overdose has now surpassed accidents as the number one causes of death. We must also recognize how tough this is for police and first responders are angry because they are so frustrated that they have saved someone, then find the same person who has died. How do we debrief with first responders about just how difficult this is.

One way to work out – if the ambulance responds first, then it goes in as an overdose – connection between Maine EMS, Emergency Rooms, Law Enforcement. Grant – Administration of Naloxone and follow-up with Naloxone kit and treatment resources.

Barriers – understanding of addiction.

Maine Health – rolling out information about addiction as a disease. Changes your brain physically – people need to understand that.


7:00 Spotlight: Chris Summers, Rotary

In May, Rotary had a district conference and Marge Barker, the past governor set up a panel to discuss addiction. Dave Underhill, the new governor set up an addiction committee headed by Robert MacKenzie. Dr. Steven Kassels and Ashley, in recovery, were on the panel. Talked about the need for education in each community to understand addiction, and the stigma which keeps people from seeking recovery, and the cost of addiction to society. Dr. Kassels will do an appearance. Sells the book at the door. All profits go to the sponsoring organization.

Offer – Rotary and WMARI co-sponsor an evening where we bring Dr. Kassels in as a speaker, or a member of a panel. Dr. Kassels has written a book “Addiction on Trial” which is a fictional portrayal which looks seriously as addiction.

Like the idea of co-sponsoring an event to get the word out. It might be good to have one of our members attend each of the meetings of the 5 Rotary clubs. If possible, have an event in each area over a few months. The kickoff – the Recovery Rally, on September 9th.



 7:40 Adjourn

 Next Meeting: August 2, 6:00 – 7:30 pm, Mollyockett Motel